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Notify me of new posts by email. That seems to be the order of the day in gay porn these days right? These gaypay people are pissing me the fuck off. I wanna watch gay or bi men fucking, the alleged straight ones can go. Andrew Stark is now engaged to his girlfriend.

Exclusive Tyler Torro Pt. 3 - NDS Interview

He looks better with another guy. This is basically BS. No straight man will ever have sex another man. Austin Wolf and Trenton Ducati are not gay. Lol like seriously Marcus mojo and Tyler torro re straight…….

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People out there say actions speak louder than a thousand words. Similarly, tothers say you are what you do; not what you say.

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Zeb Atlas hetero? And he spoke about having a wife and kids in the future? Is he talking BS now? I believe the men who say they are gay and bisexual.


But paddy o brien is full of shit on a UK escort agency site he lists his sexuality as gay. Paddy is not straight but I am not saying he is gay either. I find it hard to believe a man who has sex with other men takes dicks up the ass is straight. This guy loves getting fucked he is in denial.

Is This Broke Straight Boy The Biggest Asshole In Gay Porn?

What about Peto Coast? Is Gino Mosca gay, bi or straight? Just somebody tell me please!!!!!!!! I would think that zen atlas is either bi sexual or gay it is hard to tell from his videos and of curse he is getting older now. Just one quick question: Just seen Connor Maguire gettin rimmed by a girl.

Anyone knows about Skyler Caine or Dolph Lambert sexuality? I will also say I vehemently disagree with the porn stars that mock us behind our backs or slam our sexuality on twitter. In all honesty men who act that way should not be in this business because it is mostly gay men who are giving them their business and attention in the first place. Thank God, my favorite models are GAY. And just a correction: Shaw Wolf is bisexual.

He even said that. I read this list every year for the comments. Those are far more entertaining than knowing which label has been applied to what performer. At that point, some start to self-identify as bisexual. Others never get to that epiphany. It seems to me more interesting to discuss performances, interactions with fans, tattoo spellings, etc. Martin mazza stop doing str8 porn because they a hiv outbreak in the str8 porno industry in spain and regret it he have even block female porn stars off his Twitter account.

He defines himself as bi: Johnny rapid is a joke the guy has been fucked by hundreds of men sucked a million dicks and claims heterosexuality. Very hard to believe doing all that gay sex and he gets no pleasure from it. He is definitely lying. An article this site should write is why is there this fear for men to admit a sexual attraction to other males? He has to be getting pleasure from all the gay sex the amount he does. What is up with this list? Obviously being with a guy really really gets them off… and Jake gets really passionate with a lot of his partners.

He just looks like a serial killer freak. And poor little fucked in the head Johnny Rapid.

Tyler Torro (Ex-Boyfriend Video) -

In this interview with Dylan Roberts and Christian Wilde, https: The words are adjectives describing sexual acts, not people. The sexual acts are entirely normal; if they were not, no one would perform them. It is a compound of the Greek homo, same, and Medieval Latin sexualis, sexual, and was used as a noun to describe men and women with same sex attraction. Gore Vidal often used the term homosexualist to describe homosexuals… it was just his way of trying to appear clever.

Sucking dick, getting dick sucked, fucking and getting fucked.. How many Gay people do you know who would really enjoy fucking a woman? I can appreciate when a woman is beautiful but the female body just does nothing for me personally. Do you really think Kris Evans is bi, on what do you base that on? BA always makes up stories about their models, most models are just g4p. There are other stuff too, ofc.

However, BA sometimes releases scene a few yrs after tapping. Oh Oh Oh…. How about Parker London and Aaron Bruiser? After reading the almost endless discussions about the sexual orientation of gay porn models, it still surprises me that so many guys think that they know the real sexual orientation of the models, with any degree of certainty. Do you really think these guys claiming to be straight are making movie after movie and not enjoying all that gay sex?

Thank you for this list. Now I know what I will purchase and what I will stay away from. A lot more than gaypay worshippers and homophobes would have us believe. So thank you for the list! Listing Ken at straight is incorrect according to his own statements within the last three days. And that is saying something. Porn definitely his great smile, beautiful body and cute personality! Colbey Jansen BI His wife is a shemale.